Innovation – a profitable business

Recession and Innovation

With a recession often comes innovation.  Second hand stores become profitable, second hand motor dealerships thrive and workers laid off need to learn new skill sets. I’m in the computer industry, not IT. I leave IT for programmers and people making their fortunes out of innovation through the use of data exchange, data banks and communication networks. 


Sir Clive Sinclair - Creative Commons
Sir Clive Sinclair – Creative Commons

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Back off Super-Cars, here comes Tata

Ever notice how many Tata vehicles are seen on the road these days – this must be an international phenomena because lets face it, travel isn’t cheap. In the midst of all the glory cars, those that all the newly driving licensed are ogling or multi-millionaire dads we have Tata whom seem to be about the only sane manufacturer out there. Hell bent on producing the world’s cheapest vehicle they are also after all manufacturer of some of the worlds most exotic cars – Jaguar and Land Rover spring to mind here. But this article isn’t about the exotic slice of the pie but of their entry level vehicles, of their commercial vehicle success and their slow but forceful entry in these markets.

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Anti Competition in China

It’s no hidden secret that Huawei, one of the world’s largest information and telecommunications providers has been supplying Iran and Iraq although there are known embargoes against these two countries, their large success internationally has been through financial aid from the Chinese government and towards the end of 2012 complaints from ex-employees (and current, supposedly) that along with ZTE they are spying on communications and threatening system security.  I wonder if that dongle in your pocket could be just as suspect?

Huawei - Giant Communications Company
Huawei – Giant Communications Company

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New stuff for 2013

One of the biggest breakthroughs in 1995 was the Windows 95 OS.  There are kids now that have never used it nor heard of Windows 3 or 3.1 the networking component of Windows 3. We have taken huge steps over the last 17 years and what surprises then will be in store for us in 2013?


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