Recently we were caught up trying to find a match for a friend’s blown tube amplifier – we won’t give the make here except to say it begins with an F and it is a 25W amplifier with one 12″ driver. We are suffocated with all makes of amplifier listed on the net but one thing which […]

If you were a 70s child I am sure you’re going to be excited at the prospect of the release of the movie “Searching for Sugar Man” on the life of Rodriguez,¬† Sixto Diaz Rodriguez from Detroit, Michigan if the truth be told. Rodriguez is now 70 years old and an unlikely hero but in the Republic […]

If you’re like me you’ll have an interest in electric motors. Electric motors are beautiful, they are quiet, have a ‘flat’ torque ‘curve’ and are highly efficient. I read recently an article on the web where a gent converted a petrol engined car into electric power. Where the original engine sat now we only saw the firewalls […]

An oft asked question on the internet is can a person use an extension lead while it is still wrapped around a drum or even just bunched? An electrical contractor I know was overheard telling off someone that they should never plug in an extension lead that is rolled up even without a load. This is possibly […]

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