Friends of Music

Recently we were caught up trying to find a match for a friend’s blown tube amplifier – we won’t give the make here except to say it begins with an F and it is a 25W amplifier with one 12″ driver. We are suffocated with all makes of amplifier listed on the net but one thing which became more than apparent was the lack of control on pricing internationally, varying from $200 to $1000 for similar units.

Peavey Powered Mixer

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Rodriguez – Welcome back Sugar Man!

If you were a 70s child I am sure you’re going to be excited at the prospect of the release of the movie “Searching for Sugar Man” on the life of Rodriguez,  Sixto Diaz Rodriguez from Detroit, Michigan if the truth be told. Rodriguez is now 70 years old and an unlikely hero but in the Republic of South Africa he was and still is a legend. “Searching For Sugarman” is an award winning movie, released internationally but a reality check for many South Africans.

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A Twisting Moment

If you’re like me you’ll have an interest in electric motors. Electric motors are beautiful, they are quiet, have a ‘flat’ torque ‘curve’ and are highly efficient. I read recently an article on the web where a gent converted a petrol engined car into electric power. Where the original engine sat now we only saw the firewalls and a small little motor plonked right down at the bottom. In driving pleasure and terms of efficiency what is better than having possibly no gearbox and clutch.  WarP 11HV Continue reading “A Twisting Moment”

Ampacity – New Wire and Old Rules

An oft asked question on the internet is can a person use an extension lead while it is still wrapped around a drum or even just bunched? An electrical contractor I know was overheard telling off someone that they should never plug in an extension lead that is rolled up even without a load. This is possibly a good measure to take as a precaution but in fact without a load the extension lead is really not going to explode in a ball of fire or burn out. In fact the rules are fairly simple and doesn’t require a brain surgeon to understand this. Or does it?

Burnt power plug
Courtesy Mike Senese – link below.

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