Can a great technican make a great salesman?  There are many philosophies behind putting a technician on the sales floor but of course one needs to be ultra careful of where the new sales peron’s loyalty lies. I for one know that most technical people in the computer field are hard core Apple fanatics. Would they find […]

There is such a lot of reading material on power and energy that I was surprised to receive a mail from a reader as to why he finds it all rather unglamorous – too many factors are taken into consideration and as far as he was concerned their should be a universal standard i.e. kilowatts or horsepower,  not […]

An interesting question with many answers. Case history tells us that a big drawback in the early design phases was the power to weight ratio of the engines at the time. Leonardo da Vinci drew the plans for a device which used the Archimedes screw, in this case, an ‘aerial screw’ for lifting the prime mover. His […]

The relevance of a Dual Mass Flywheel. There has been a lot of controversy of late, especially as seen over the internet as to why vehicle manufacturers are opting to supply dual mass flywheels over their single mass counterparts when the DMF is known to be unreliable and very expensive. As an owner of an X-Trail I […]

A truly dangerous game to play is to let the previously disadvantaged now have equity over the previously ‘advantaged’ when it comes to professions which through irresponsibility can lead to death.

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