If it wasn’t so sad I’d be laughing. Read up on http://www.power4home.com and watch the video. It’s about ten minutes long – the unfortunate tale of an electrician who on the hunt for near free energy managed to pull a high powered solar panel out of his butt and then fired up a wind generator from two […]

Recently we had a top ten listing voted in place by you, the visitor to this website.  The listing is based on popularity and whether the voter would purchase another unit from the same manufacturer. 

Compression engine which does not need a spark plug to ignite fuel/air mixture. There is controversy about whom invented this type engine because at the time Herbert Akroyd-Stuart was working on a similar design (actually patented 2 years prior to Diesel’s patent submission). Diesel’s engine was of higher efficiency (thermal and compression, two positive factors) over Akroyd-Stuart’s […]

With the tablet wars running rife and chief rival Samsung plagued by legal woes in the USA, it comes as no surprise that Microsoft are next to bring out their own tablet, the Surface which is to be released this next quarter. Running on Windows 8 it’s expected to give Apple’s iPad some stiff competition. Or will […]

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