Prompted by an article in the Popular Mechanics Magazine, “Vintage Audio in the Digital Age” by Mark Wilson – December 2011 I thought it pertinent to add a few cents worth. There is a lot of truth in the sentiment that valve audio sounds better than modern semiconductor audio – this I have heard from a lot […]

Post-It or Sticky Notes are credited to two employees of the 3M company, Dr Spencer Silver and Art Fry. The ownership of Sticky Notes are then credited to 3M. Patents are accredited to Dr Spencer Silver and 3M.

(b) 1845 – (d) 1923 In 1895 Röntgen generated electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength range called X-rays; he received the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901. Röntgen’s scientific papers were destroyed on his death in 1923 as requested in his will. No known patents were filed.

We all think we know whom Albert Einstein was, most think of him as an inventor. He wasn’t, Albert Einstein was a German theoretical physicist better known for his work on general relativity. How about Walter Hunt, George de Mestral, Spencer Silver, Art Fry, Martin Heinrich Klaproth and a personal favourite Wilhelm Röntgen? Feel like adding your […]

Who found what is Parts-Ring’s educational posting – add your 10c worth, we are all interested in great discoveries, inventions, patents and of course ridiculous and absurd things to be seen in every day life. Go to the answers, replies and comments pages here

I read with interest on the web various stories of expensive repairs to cars – what to avoid, where to avoid and of course what to do. A very important fact of course is always which car do you drive or which car are you planning to drive? Any car which is designed for speed and comfort, […]

Anyone whom thought that slapping a home brewed filter together to act as a loudpseaker crossover was a simple task should have his head read. Loudspeaker design is a science with very little fiction.

Just like food prices which seem to escalate every time the economy merchants bark, we see auto companies supplying parts turning to their calculators and pushing the PLUS button.  I’m looking at statistics and Audi dealers seem to be pretty efficient at this. I hear Nissan and Renault drivers complaining about parts prices as well. In fact […]

In order not to confuse we will stick to three types of UPS and the electric motor-alternator or frequency converter, which is;  the standard inverter or standby UPS, three phase motor generator unit (better known as rotary frequency/converters), the line-interactive UPS and the double-conversion / On Line UPS types. The inverter in its simplest form was known […]

Recently I was posed with a training dilemma facing sales staff at a national distributor of computer hardware as to why UPS sales were so poor. UPS pricing margins are relatively high compared to fast moving peripherals and components and is therefore more immune to forex fluctuations and should be always on the priority list of sales […]

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