It’s possibly a major migraine for Sony shareholders but the losses posted over the last few years is more of a migraine for the consumer. Sony, once a leading brand plays second fiddle to Samsung and Apple. I’m a loyal Sony fan but over the years they seem to be getting quite good at losing ground. A […]

As we evolve so we become reliant on technology to keep us safe.  It’s not uncommon in the first world to see and hear about blackouts in large cities. Although we have moved on to use electricity more efficiently it still does not stop the havoc that can be caused by natural disaster, mudslides, earthquakes and tsunamis.  […]

I am sure that to many ex-operators throughout the world we lived in shared the same exciting times 30-40 years back as we do today, in fact moreso because we had to make it happen. Modern telecommunications rely on dialing the correct number and that’s about it. This page is dedicated to the old operators, in fact […]

Jets and Gas Turbines

Gas Turbines – Rich Dad’s Toys There are three things that fascinate me:  Steam turbine engines, Jet engines and Electric motors. By far the most fascinating, for most people actually – is the jet engine. The noisier the better. More noise equals more power? Actually, no. Pity!

I’m thinking about writing a book for technicians working the field called “The Same Old Story”. How many of you have gone to visit a client, did a repair and then only to be called back the following day because “you messed something up.” Let’s go through the list, see whether you see yourself in this picture.

The results of the automobile survey graphically or beneath the graph you can get the breakdown.  The graph by design shows manufacturer details. Of course, you can advertise here! If you’d like to enter the survey please go to the entry page here.

Let’s face it, times are tough and many of us are looking at purchasing a second-hand vehicle. If you love your car, drive a make/model that you’d never change and/or know about a phenomenal drive, what do you suggest is a best buy or must have?  Honda Civic is known for it’s reliability but there must be […]

A very comprehensive website covering datasheets, PCB layouts, ICs, audio to miscellaneous equipment – a must see for any electronics enthusiast or engineer.

Download the Maplin 150W MOSFET audio amplifier. One of the most popular audio amplifier kits in the 80s and still being made today. Uses the 2SK135 and 2SJ50 devices. Only weblink provided to save bandwidth.

Simple 150W power amplifier circuit using the TIP142 and TIP147 power Darlingtons. PCB layout also supplied or user can purchase at a very reasonable price.

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