General switched mode power supply

While I am on a roll decided to write up part two of this series. Some idiotic things you can get away with when working on valve or tube equipment. (Yes, I forgot to tell you in part one that they are the same thing – American = Tube and Europe, more so the U.K.  = Valve, […]

I think everyone over the age of 40 should be culled! Youngsters at work have never heard of the Holocaust, the Berlin Wall and now, thermionic tubes. Remember the book Logan’s Run? Sometimes I think I am in the book. Well for starters when I was about 13 I took up electronics as a hobby – finances […]

Read recently where the author claimed the radio tube was an analog device. I find that rather peculiar – what would make a ‘tube’ an analog device and a transistor a digital device? It all depends on the biasing!

Akai M-8

Akai M8 Semi-professional reel-to-reel vintage audio Many years ago my father owned an M8 – it was an expensive piece of equipment in those days, I recall it was about 1966/67 and he purchased it from the proceeeds made from the profit of a sale of our (his) house. What fascinates me now about this piece of […]

I write this post being an avid believer that computers must work for us, not the other way round but also realise that there are other things besides computers which should be on one’s agenda when learning special skills. I always ask my partner “who will grow the beans one day?”. Where do I start?

To Build or not to Build [Editor’s comment: for visitors from countries outside BRICS the wiki article found here is fairly detailed and outlines the BRIC or now BRICS strategy (as coined by Jim O’Neill, Goldman Sachs] An article in the Time magazine inspired me to write this:  Obama wanting to get more manufacturing in the USA, […]

I’m not going to plagiarise here, neither duplicate content which I found to be important in our own personal quest to determine the king of CMS currently.  We used to use Joomla but on a personal level found that the updating of plug-ins and Joomla core was a bit clumsy – which included a major crash whilst […]

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