I am sure that most of the parts-ring readers have seen or read about mythbusters, the zany American TV series designed to dazzle you with the brilliance of Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman and the rest of the crew set out to explore the truths and myths behind urban legend. Oh yes, most of it comes out true […]

Being an avid lover of jet engines and the Darwin Awards I just had to post this snippet on these pages. Four things spring to mind: The operator has no ear-muffs; the jet engine is tethered to a pallet; it’s leaking fuel like a sieve. They must be Dutch.

I’m an old school junkie. Like many electronic enthusiasts that started out with electronics as a hobby over the 70’s and 80’s I find the most popular magazines for download will always be Elektor and the ETI magazines. Electronics Circuit for Beginner to Advanced :Electronic circuit & Schematics Diagram Resource for Beginner to Advanced

Interesting website for various audio circuits can be found here.  (http://circuitschematicelectronics.blogspot.com). Trying to load the link under the technical library came up with a spam error so we are posting the information here – the amplifier is significant in that is of a very simple design. When high powered amplifiers are of simple design it doesn’t mean […]

If you are an enthusiast of muscle cars then I’m sure you’ll appreciate the youtube link to the video below. I found it laughable how the hacks on the site all had a complaint how the horsepower was measured. Don’t despair kind sirs, the Brits are fairly conservative and I would not doubt for one second they […]

Apologies for many of the links not working or the images not displaying – it was a task passed on to one of the may importing plugins offered online from Joomla to WP but it obviously likes part of the text and not all of the images. In time we’ll add the images back but insofar as […]

Embarrasingly enough I heard this term not so long ago and didn’t have a clue as to what the person was talking about.The good news is that it’s nothing new – a well laid out network will utilise extra network cabling or lines which although unused saves the considerable expense of having a civil engineering company from […]

The OPiC System – Online Parts International Trying to avoid the repetitive nature of any website is not an easy task – the idea behind this parts-ring website is to maintain a portal for all and sundry to advertise the purchasing, selling or exchange of spares used in any industry, from model cars to agriculture. An issue […]

One of the cheapest forms of energy comes from a very old process:  nuclear fission.  Fundamentally fusion is the better choice for generating heat to drive the steam turbines but is technologically very advanced and therefore more expensive but has very little wastage. To pack all nuclear reactors into moth balls and move on to safer forms […]

This may be an old video but the end-result may prove to be a surprise to all that thought their RAV was the best on test.

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