Active versus Passive Crossover Systems

Anyone whom thought that slapping a home brewed filter together to act as a loudpseaker crossover was a simple task should have his head read. Loudspeaker design is a science with very little fiction.

Recently I got caught up with building two loudspeaker cabinets for some odd drivers I had lying around in the garage. Having built the cabinets I was then caught up in the age old debacle as to whether to go active or passive crossover. This was actually a no contest, I had three amplifiers lying around as well, a Proton 60×60, an Akai 25×25 and a no-name brand home theater 60×60.  Now just to make the filters. Initially I thought it a great idea to buy a 3x active crossover but sadly this time of the year most of the shops don’t stock or can’t get stock. Now to the drawing board – why go active?