Who remembers the old Kawasaki KZ750 twin with low end torque figures just short of miraculous and the first Jap bike that could actually handle like the Brit classics?  An engine that would never quit but never died on me, ever, except…. 

Anyone whom thought that slapping a home brewed filter together to act as a loudpseaker crossover was a simple task should have his head read. Loudspeaker design is a science with very little fiction.

Recently I got caught up with building two loudspeaker cabinets for some odd drivers I had lying around in the garage. Having built the cabinets I was then caught up in the age old debacle as to whether to go active or passive crossover. This was actually a no contest, I had three amplifiers lying around as well, a Proton 60×60, an Akai 25×25 and a no-name brand home theater 60×60.  Now just to make the filters. Initially I thought it a great idea to buy a 3x active crossover but sadly this time of the year most of the shops don’t stock or can’t get stock. Now to the drawing board – why go active?

The latest X-Factor came and went and to the larger extent I was very impressed by what I saw and heard. The judges were at each other’s throats only because possibly they are paid to do this.  LA Reid was ever the professional – Simon Cowell added good entertainment value, the two ladies added the H-Factor (Human […]

It’s an undisputed fact that as we become more and more aware of the effects of greenhouse gasses we have become more technical in our ability to become more efficient, from the control of landfills, usage of electricity and gas and of course the way we generate power. Interesting to note that Pella has won the ENERGY STAR partner of the year for the 5th consecutive year.

In downloading an application recently I picked up the Sirefef.K virus. How ironic, the very intention was to block spyware and I picked up a trojan. What a mission it was to get rid of this bad, bad boy. Microsoft Security Essentials detects the virus alright but within 10 seconds it would pop up again, after a removal.

Road Carnage – Silly season and reasons to visit our maker! If this article comes across as insensitive – it’s supposed to be. I’m tired of those chairmen of the board of IQ directors that put other people’s live at risk because they are either impressing their friends, girlfriends or themselves. A loud exhaust does NOT make […]

Parts-ring has a new module attached called OPiC. The intention here is for all users to register, add their business, add manufacturer contact details, post a request, list goods to buy, sell and exchange. You can add diagrams and an abbreviated catalogue of your own. Try it out and see. The writers are currently putting in a […]


OPiC is the Online Parts International Catalogue system. Users are encouraged to register (registration process is not linked to the Parts-Ring user base). Registered users can add their services, add manufacturer details, post the performance of a registered company, sell, buy, exchange and describe. Usage is free. 

The OPiC System user registers as a manufacturer, distributor, reseller, service agent, end user or whatever (by making a formal request). It’s a no frills accessory to the Parts-Ring CMS and social networking system.

!!!TRY IT NOW!!! 

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