The first of this year’s South African Idols kicked off two weeks ago in Cape Town with a resounding crash, the first two contestents off to Sun City and ending off with possibly singing sensation, Mark Haze.  Unlike a very modest Elvis Blue, Mark Haze said he is to become the Idol this year. Well, let’s wait and see. Personally I think he “has […]

EleZo is a free program, a desktop content manging system – a container for ebook magazines, catalogues, applications, files, records, music, images and most of all a private, public or corporate anology of shared facts and figures. Use it on a home network or office network. Elezo is written on the framework of award winning Alpha Five – this database is designed for developers of A5 to make better, to use and improve. The EleZo database has a function which will allow automatic uploading of documentation for students in rural areas and communities where network connections are known to be slow.  EleZo will become available on the 11th June 2011.



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