Following up on an article recently:  Used Cars and Buying Elephants, that is the white kind ( ) there are some intrigueing aspects to the auto parts industry as well.  One, and obviously the most important fuel feeding this growth is the impact of our last and current recession. Vehicle owners just cannot afford to rush out and buy a new car every three years and two, motor vehicles nowadays are made to withstand 300 000 Km easily if serviced regularly and don’t suffer abuse at the hands of a lunatic or driven off road (unless it’s designed to).


We investigate the Chinese auto parts sector and invite our Asian manufacturers to add their input.

I must say I have become very sceptical when it comes to buying a used motor vehicle. There seems to be a trend now where wannabe critics have raised the flag of convenience (the web) and spun their own stories. Not to be outdone I have decided to do the same albeit a bit more objective. 

Wanna buy a used car?

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Why is the jukebox so popular? I hear people trampling over each other to get a jukebox for a social event. I lived in a small town in South Africa and I don’t know of many pubs that had one but yet going to the USA there was not a pub without one. Is this where the […]

Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna and Beyonce,  Sabbath and Metallica, Dylan, Blunt and Seger. I’m listening to them right now. All brilliant artists. I went through a phase where Beyonce was played every day, then Rihanna, then Bob Dylan etc, etc, etc. Right now I play Gaga’s music to death. This woman is phenomenal – from bopper to […]

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