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Good day guys and girls. Have you tried to call a plumber recently without hearing from your neighbour how great his son is, possibly their own neighbour or family friend?

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{jcomments on} Tried to get expert advice from a company that only furnishes their cell phone number? Tried to add some value to your own company without spending sums of money with no return. I lived in a small town many years ago and asked some of my so called “professional friends” if it would not be more worthwhile in forming a professional business group which could cater for the aged, the young, the holiday makers but most importantly, the consumer? This group would be held accountable for their actions, responsible to the people they serve and again, more importantly provide a service which the consumer or end user could guarantee to their family and freinds. I tried it once and was run down and ridiculed. By the same people whom I thought were friends. Why? Only because they possibly felt that “accountable” was a big word and they would not be held accountable in the long run. Or possibly the short run.