Is this a Jackson a clone, a wannabe, an impostor, a falsetto being false. Listening to one of our local radio stations ummm about two months back I heard this guy Bruno Mars belting out a number which sounded oh so much like Jackson (Grenade), I thought it was. Shall I beat him to death in this […]

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Hi there reader!

I am in the process of seeing where my power goes to every month. I live in sunny South Africa and my electricity bill rises like my blood pressure every time I put more and more money into my pre-paid. What’s up?

Word has it that Petro South Africa is building an oil refinery in the Eastern Cape. Word also has it that the top players in the oil arena are all going to do their damnedest to find oil in this impoverished area. I wonder which one is true?

Welcome to Parts Ring and the OPiC (Online Parts Catalog) System. This area of the website is for registered members only. Here you can advertise your business, add tips and tricks, look for parts, sell parts and link up to people that are either like-minded or are dealers in parts or accessories. This web-site is more or […]

Drunk Driving and Preemptive Measures Interesting to note that again our South African drivers have come under scrutiny, esp. with 1100 people killed since the beginning of the 2010/2011 season. We have the roadblocks, we have the police and we have full support of government and the Lead SA campaign but still we have this carnage.  

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