With our calculator hitting the shelves as a freebie maybe by the end of December, once again we must apologise for the inadvertent delays. There was some argument as to whether we should add in the Neher-McGrath formula or just give electrician’s a quick, conservative output current based on the AWG wire gauge. We added both. The N-M formula is rather tricky in many ways. We aren’t into antenna design so skin depth may or may not remain of concern to you. Our calculator gives a conservative output but is also based on the NEC rules.  The jpg file below is rather large so if you have a dial up modem you may have to wait a few minutes.

Hey geniuses, this is Sam again!” Noticed the similarity between trying to get home quickly, a bus blocking the lane and a plodder in the shopping aisle where you need something?

Hi Folks Merda Taurorum Animas Conturbit There seems to be a whack of intelligence out there that focus on the MBA – management and leadership . Does this make you a leader, manager or an excellent politician? I write this article in a professional capacity and not to jest at those that are going through the hardship […]

Howzit fellows! Heard something interesting last night when I watched “America’s Go Talent Season 4001” – a guy dressed up as a clown suit slandering Sharon Osbourne’s husband Ozzie. Oh yes, we never heard what he said but we know what she said when she rebuked him, if that’s the word.   Yes Sharon, good for you.  When I […]

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