Ampacity – Neher-McGrath

The N-M calculation is extremely conservative whereas ours is based on what we have come across on the internet which summarily is based on NEC.  You can add your own information on a separate page with regards to NEC so if in need it will serve as a practical lookup.


See you hopefully by the end of December.



Music: Who, New or a Monkey

Howzit fellows!

Heard something interesting last night when I watched “America’s Go Talent Season 4001” – a guy dressed up as a clown suit slandering Sharon Osbourne’s husband Ozzie. Oh yes, we never heard what he said but we know what she said when she rebuked him, if that’s the word.   Yes Sharon, good for you.  When I was still a monkey in the ’70s the only guy that counted was Ozzy. The only group that counted was Sabbath. My older brother was a lover of Deep Purple, his mate was into the American group Grandfunk Railroad and frankly I loved them all. Kids nowadays don’t know what lead to what and why we have Metallica, a group that stamps the signature on most modern heavy rock . Is it heavy rock nowadays? I’m not pedantic and I really don’t care. Ozzy did it for me. I have Sabbath’s “Last Supper” on DVD. Brilliant musos, old and new, but all Ozzy.  Continue reading “Music: Who, New or a Monkey”