Time Machines and Holidaying in Amsterdam

 And now, finally, after months of research we finally submit our first, but no means last scientific paper on time travel. As we all know, thinker and thought provoker, theorist Albert Einstein came up that world famous equation e = mc squared, where energy is derived from mass times the speed of light, a constant (c).  His theories on relativity and time travel have occupied our minds over many centuries but has one ever thought why as one gets older time travels faster. Is it really relative to the ‘e’ formula? Yes it is – without going into great depth as to how time travel really works without travelling faster than the speed of light we need to look into this great formula and how it equates to the humanoid. Continue reading “Time Machines and Holidaying in Amsterdam”

Electronics and Calculators – Revisiting

 We had numerous hassles in getting our inductance calculator to work properly, mainly based on a comparison check made between known inductance values, lengths, radii and turns compared to online calculators based on AWG, BWG and SWG gauges. Yes, it’s been a nightmare, a lot of it coming down to fatigue (on my part – it’s a part time job) and writing proper code. Right now it’s more of a hassle to put all the modules together and ensure users see a) merit and b) find it easy to use. We are trying to make it as simple as possible for the end user but therein also lies a problem. Easiness makes things difficult for a designer. We see flaws in one module when just about completing another module so we go back to the last module and make changes. I want this to work – I want it to be better than the online calculators that are currently available.  Our EquationX calculator uses the Alpha Five V.9 desktop database chiefly for it’s RAD capability. It’s quick, cheap and stable as a rock.  Our RLC module is shown below, semi-completed of course but who cares.  I am really trying hard to have this finished before the end of this month but the chances are, unfortunately based on reality – zilch. Come back to the site – and also apologies for not updating regularly, this is also bad on our part. 

Bid you well and Adios