And now, finally, after months of research we finally submit our first, but no means last scientific paper on time travel. As we all know, thinker and thought provoker, theorist Albert Einstein came up that world famous equation e = mc squared, where energy is derived from mass times the speed of light, a constant (c).  His […]

Three things fascinate me 1) Top Gear and Cars 2) Music and more music and last but by no means least 3) my computer. We all know about cars, we all know about music and yes, we all love our computer. So I decided to write about something different: What to watch on TV?

We need to aplogise for the late coming of our application for the electronic design calculator. A lot of the application design is based on tried and trusted formulation, especially around inductors and magnetism but as any engineer will tell you, there is still nothing better than an inductance meter and trial and error for a quick check. I cannot see a ‘real engineer’ building a high performance RF design in the GHz range based solely on mere speculation and formula. Temperature plays a role, mechanical stress plays a role – there’s a million and one reasons why those that design and those that fix see flaws in each other’s reasoning.

Who said that Idols was a quick way to make money? Elvis split his winnings with Lloyd after winning the title. I would have been quite happy if they had split the title as well – deserved winners both of them.  I think Jan Hoogendyk’s rendition of “Things my Father Said” was absolutely brilliant – a fitting […]

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