I’m frankly a little bit alarmed that we have no further update on this young lady’s (Akhona Geveza) untimely death. I did some research on the web and either it’s been decided that it’s no big deal or, wonder of wonder, the powers that be have decided to put a cap on it.  As mentioned before, Safmarine […]

Well I haven’t followed up too much recently – possibly an element of laziness, possibly an element of losing interest.  I was saddened on Sindi’s leaving last week, much like the loss of Gail. Both eye-candy I suppose. Well now we have Lloyd and Elvis.

The South African Revenue Services have teamed up with the South African Police Services to run a series of super roadblocks.  Why? Now passengers can searched and investigated. 


I want to tell you about two great websites I recently had the pleasure of bookmarking.

I studied electronics in 1976 with my eye on going on to bigger and better things in the telecommunications arena. That didn’t pan out, my fault, but I have always been intrigued by all things ruled by voltages, current, resistance and active devices. I’m currently on a quest to complete an application which can be used by students and engineers to make calculations based on RL, RC, resonance, wire gauges, current, ampacity, load lines, three phase, power factors, to name a few.

Well I left out Idols five because I really had nothing to write about – Sindi was saved by the judges. Rightly so. Personally, I think Sindi has all the makings of an idol, it would be damned unjust to see her going out now already when she obviously is the one whom has grown the most. […]

Last week end viewers  had the pleasure of seeing our wannabe idols doing Michael Jackson numbers – and it was Thrilling to say the least. I don’t agree with Deadpan Randall’s verdict on Elvis Blue sounding the same week in and week out – Michael Jackson was a one off, his songs can’t be copied, they can’t be made […]


We are currently developing a desktop calculator which can be used for inductance heating development. Yes, I know, I know – there are thousands and thousands of online calculators so why bother. There are so many good websites on the web which have great electronic tutorials we have taken the best and will use the most common formulae calculators thus eliminating time wastage. Why jump from website to website when you can get one crazy package which does it all for you – and you can add your own formulae, own links, own contacts and own projects – which can then be uploaded again for other interested parties.

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