Inductance Heating – Switching Circuits

There seems to be a huge amount of interest currently in the concept of inductance heating. With the availability of good quality and affordable high power fast switching semiconductor devices it has become very much apparent that there are many experienced, talented and unselfish individuals giving up their personal time and effort to publish their own ideas and experimentation of high energy circuits through the pages of the web. As a tribute to the ingenuity of these guys we will pepper this article with links to their pages not because we are too lazy Wink to publish our own designs or ideas but more so because we don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel.

Asian Motorcycle Engines

Are there any companies out in Asia dealing in electronic or motor parts whom would like to advertise their company portfolio for free on this website? is is a privately owned website with it’s main theme of business designed to capture readers interested in finding parts to build or complete projects. At present there are very few companies manufacturing radio valves or thermionic tubes. How about the supply of parts for older motorcycles?