Well guys, round number two pretty much blew me away – I realised then just how great Jamie Lee (the one that got away fame) is or at least was for the show (which includes Gareth’s leer) and her few personal appearances were actually, I felt compelling viewing. (esp. in her bikini).  Talented she is but sadly, […]

Inductance Heater - parallel LC

There seems to be a huge amount of interest currently in the concept of inductance heating. With the availability of good quality and affordable high power fast switching semiconductor devices it has become very much apparent that there are many experienced, talented and unselfish individuals giving up their personal time and effort to publish their own ideas and experimentation of high energy circuits through the pages of the web. As a tribute to the ingenuity of these guys we will pepper this article with links to their pages not because we are too lazy Wink to publish our own designs or ideas but more so because we don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel.

Man oh man, oh man. Disco is no longer my scene. Remember the days when all the macho men hit the floor with those cool 70’s style blue movie styled moustaches, gyrating their hips and swaggering all over the place. I loved the music in the 70s and beginning 80s but nowadays I cringe when I hear […]

Sundays are great days for doing research and if one had to excuse the ‘connection’ between a parts website to a musical concert I have been fascinated by what feedback previous idols shows have received. Blogs are full of  such negative publicity towards Sasha Lee (South African Idols co-winner season five) that it makes one wonder what […]

Are there any companies out in Asia dealing in electronic or motor parts whom would like to advertise their company portfolio for free on this website?  www.part-ring.com is is a privately owned website with it’s main theme of business designed to capture readers interested in finding parts to build or complete projects. At present there are very few companies manufacturing radio valves or thermionic tubes. How about the supply of parts for older motorcycles?

On the 5th September we had the lift off – the first round of top ten, going on nine. Gail was voted off which makes me very sad because she is a real stunner and has a great voice. Possibly I was looking at her face and body and forgot that Idols is a tight competition, voted […]

One of the very big reasons why the authors at Parts-Ring decided on this website is the lack of availability of second hand parts for older bikes. A dealer in Cape Town was overheard saying “if you don’t like the price get a newer bike”. Has anyone seen the price of parts in the South African market compared to the […]

South African rugby hit an all time low yesterday with the Springboks conceding a last minute penalty to the Wallabies. No excuses here this time round, the Boks started late as they did last week, sort of got their game together and blew the Wallabies away in the second half until losing to a 55m penalty kick. […]

Tonight South African Idols brings you a pretty neat roundup of music. No doubt selected for our top ten’s particular style it’s going to be an interesting ride. Jess and lloyd are going to rock tonight. They should all rock though.  It’s the first time ever that I can honestly say I’d buy any of these guys albums if […]

Oh my gosh, my golly, golly gosh! Another freaking political storm and corruption plot to wake up to in the Sunday Times this morning. (The SAPS Office Block Plot). When will it ever end? As South Africa watches the DA and the ID join forces and the ANC promise that they will take over the Western Cape […]

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