My Kingdon for a Horse!

A reader wrote in wanting to know why we write about scientists etc when this is a Parts website. Good question – we would like this to be a technologically driven website but the core remains around spare parts and advertising your business under the Subscriber section. There is a Blog as well which gets spammed to hell and gone but this blog is more just a tongue in cheek and sometimes a more serious look at life and not really of business interest. Maybe one day it will evolve more to the point – spare parts and business as well.

Classy Audio at a price

There has been a definite trend over the last few years for audiophiles to design hybrid systems, using the technological strengths of both tubes and semiconductors to result in what should be ultimate audio. Is this really necessary? Is this maybe just a ploy to keep thermionic tubes alive in this digitised age?  I don’t think so.