World War Engineers and Scientists (part one)

As this web-site is dedicated to technology, why not add a bit of colour by running a series of articles on the very people that enhanced our lives through war, famine and feast? A few years back I read a book on the history of rock and roll and was amazed how the lives of these phenomenal musicians were entwined in some way or other. Yet the same course of events has to be said about all of us – our lives are not as haphazard and jumbled as we may wish to think. I’m a firm believer in visible forces, patterns in life which come about due to our own actions. And inactions.  All wars inevitably come from one of our greatest sins, greed. But in war we will see some marvellous discoveries, inventions and unbelievable advances in science. Yet, to prevent war we need to persevere even more, focussing on deadly weapons and the technology behind these weapons to provide a deterrent to potential threat.  The scientists chosen in this first article are all linked to the two world wars of the 20th century be it in peacetime or at war.