A day in the life of a ship’s Radio Officer

With the popularity of satellite and digital communication I often wonder how the youngsters of today see communication in the 70s and 80s – yes we had satellite and no, digital communication was not common. If someone said his receiver was digital it would have meant that the frequency synthesiser was digital but definitely not the string of 1s and 0s communicated as of now.


Is the CRT dead?

With all the hype about modern displays I just had to do a search on this subject. There was just as much hype about CRTs as Plasma and LCDs. But what are the facts? I have been in this industry for years and there is one thing that many budding young advertisers seem to forget: LCD panels USED to be expensive because the manufacturing process was such that LCDs just could not be manufactured as cheaply as CRTs. LCD panels also had many dead or saturated pixels that there was huge wastage in the manufacturing process due to a standard which governed the quality of these panels. This no longer concerns the manufacturer as much as it used – the process is much more reliable and panels with duff pixels are not as common.