As a 50 year, old why write about two youngsters, playing under the auspices of Locnville,  that are playing “gansta rap”and all that crap?  Because these two youngsters that hail from Cape Town South Africa are exceptional.

Golly gosh, there was a response to the article in the South African Sunday Times last week. One: from an obvious ex-mariner condemning this – making a point (a very good point mind you) that the ex executors of the company named would be turning over in their graves.

I felt it only fitting that we put the best part last, in my mind at least – Sir Frank Whittle, a brilliant man and THE father of the modern jet engine. I am in awe and will always remain so at the brilliance and perseverance of Sir Frank Whittle. I doubt that there is anybody alive that hasn’t tried to figure out how a jet engine worked, how an aircraft can fly from one part of the world to the next without what looks like at first glance as having no moving parts and yes, with one tank of fuel.

The concept of parts-ring is not a new one. There are virtually thousands of advertisers on the web giving information to potential clients that to even think of coming in competitively is as inane as trying to ride a bicycle up the Himalayas. But we kid you not, there is one pitfall – Who to go to?

The  government house. An institution which always gets financial backing even in times where there is no vision, no growth, no direction and no profit.

On the news this morning I was saddened to hear that the Pitbull Society of South Africa seems to have moved it’s livestock to one of the suburbs of Cape Town. Now, most animal lovers will be heartened to hear that the Pitbull is indeed not just any animal – it can be a lovely domestic pet, […]

During World War II the axis powers were no less innovative or persistent than the allies but one technology which was snapped up in the aftermath of the German surrender was that of rocket engineering.

Jeepers, another hair-raising drive home from work.  Sitting in a two lane 100Km/Hr zone (60MPH) , two cars behind, a flashy white Mercedes doing a dirty number with his headlights – the guy had to get passed and he wanted to get passed badly. He might have had a bad case of diarrhea or hey, maybe even a microsecond […]

I was recently requested to screen prospects for a vacancy in a company looking at hiring suitably qualified receptionists. An advertisement was run through electronic media and I was totally overwhelmed by the response. Not by the quantity but by the quality. 90% of the wannabe’s did not read the ad properly so disqualified themselves immediately but what […]

We all hate dilemmas but here’s one that has me really in a tizz!  The Waka Waka (or Wukka Wukka) or World in Union? Which one? I recall watching the last game and obviously final of the 1995 rugby cup 1995 between South Africa and the New Zealanders. Of course the New Zealanders had to put up with […]

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