Some Safety Facts

Online Parts International, Parts-Ring dot com are concerned about safety. Safety concerns in the working environment are obviously important to the employer and anyone working with machinery and electricity, to name just two, should always look at safety issues first and foremost. There are some things that we do overlook however.  Some interesting observations made recently:

Electronics: Common Questions

As an avid experimenter I have often been asked (or want to read up on) some rather unknown facts about electrical circuits. Most commonly are queries about subjects which were relative to electronics prior to the digital age. I’m going to list some of them here – fascinating reading and ‘hopefully will be of interest to all our readers.

Seagoing Personnel

Having spent my youth onboard various ships (as a worker bee) belonging to a South African registered company called Safmarine this website would not be complete without adding comments or even a forum dedicated to those old safmariners. Safmarine is now part of the Maersk Line group but many of the old seadogs are still to be found on their ships. This article is dedicated to my life and times aboard some of their ships.