Ampacity – Neher-McGrath

With our calculator hitting the shelves as a freebie maybe by the end of December, once again we must apologise for the inadvertent delays. There was some argument as to whether we should add in the Neher-McGrath formula or just give electrician’s a quick, conservative output current based on the AWG wire gauge. We added both. The N-M formula is rather tricky in many ways. We aren’t into antenna design so skin depth may or may not remain of concern to you. Our calculator gives a conservative output but is also based on the NEC rules.  The jpg file below is rather large so if you have a dial up modem you may have to wait a few minutes.

Electronics and Calculators – Revisiting

We need to aplogise for the late coming of our application for the electronic design calculator. A lot of the application design is based on tried and trusted formulation, especially around inductors and magnetism but as any engineer will tell you, there is still nothing better than an inductance meter and trial and error for a quick check. I cannot see a ‘real engineer’ building a high performance RF design in the GHz range based solely on mere speculation and formula. Temperature plays a role, mechanical stress plays a role – there’s a million and one reasons why those that design and those that fix see flaws in each other’s reasoning.