The Database Dilemma – Part 2

Well here we are again – why do I write about databases in a Parts-Ring website?  Well I have to tell you about this (besides the fact that you need a database to control your spares)…

It took me exactly 3 hours to make a comprehensive music library with Alpha Five. It took me slightly longer to make it look more professional (another 3 hours) and guess what? I can now play all my music files – it does a search, lookup and possibly inother 20 hours it will automatically add the files I want at the click of a button. It’s better than what you can buy because you make it do what you want it to do. I deliberately kept away from writing code – there is a little bit of courseInnocent – but their action scripting does most of it.

Guys I am impressed!  And so should you be. I am currently using version 9.  Go to their website and grab the free download trialware of version 10 – You won’t regret it.