As a run up to a previous article on Radio Valves/Tubes readers of this article should make a turn at the TubeDepot. I spent some time browsing through their website and there was one thing that really stood out…

In the last article we covered some interesting things relevant to cranking up the volume; one of these being the effect of frequency on your loudspeaker – as mentioned the voice coil of a loudspeaker is an inductance which has a rise in impedance as the frequency rises.

Most people reading this article would have either built their own electronic project, repaired an electronic device or have a knowledge of electronic components. 

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To write an article about audio equipment is often difficult, especially nowadays when a lot of the up market equipment specs are so closely matched but sound so different.  We write this article today, a little bit of tongue in cheek but a lot of things to ponder about as well. Undecided

As I was involved in the repair industry for many years – anything from valve gear to computers I have always been enthralled by one thing: The passion

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I had an interesting conversation with family yesterday.  Many years ago an act of terrorism could also be defined as,

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