Demystifying Water Evaporative Coolers Anyone?
Demystifying Water Evaporative Coolers Anyone?


    One thought on “Demystifying Water Evaporative Coolers Anyone?”

    1. gcomb says:

      The water evaporation technique is old study, tried and proven and contrary to many claims can be highly effective. Most of the installation work I was involved in was commercial (possibly like yours?) but always in very, hot dry areas – the desert environment was a great testing ground. I have until recently been installing air-conditioners for the last 30 years and if the installation is to be done by professional installers ensure that the water is clean, filtered and all joints are done to a high standard – water leaks are not uncommon and can cost you an arm and a leg, without you being the wiser. Always service these units after a long run and ensure that there is no sign of corrosion. Do get a humidity and temperature gauge, it makes sense not to generate more humidity especially if sea or rather salt is a problem. For all practical purposes I believe a hybrid using refrigerant through a heat exchanger may have been more effective though. Another time, another place. Just my dimes worth.

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